01. Brothers In Harmony  02. Carry Me  03. Cover Me  
04. Father Forgive  05. Give Glory To GOD In The Highest  
06. Hallelujah  07. Healer of Nations  08. Hear I Am
09. I Want To Be Changed Lord  10. If I Had Eyes To See
11. It Is Finished prelude to He Is Risen - click on the He Is Risen tab
(Please note that "It Is finished" will start automatically but "He Is Risen" will have to be started manually.)
12. Magnify Thy Law 
13. May The Good LORD Bless & Keep You  (For My Family)
14. My Prayer  15. On Eagles Wings  16. Remember Me
17. Take Me To Calvary  18. The Song Of David
19. Through His Blood  
20. To Thee Be The Glory
21.  When GOD Spoke  22. WOW!   23. Wisdom Of A Fool
24. Ten Laws Of Love  25. Diamonds Rubies & Pearls
26. Jacob's Well    27.  Come Unto The Cross
28. ​​No Compromise  29. The Bible Tells Me So
30. No Stones Here  31. Follow The Star  
Psa 96:1 O sing unto the LORD, a new song: sing unto the LORD all the earth.
Psa 144:9 I will sing a new song unto thee, O God: upon a psaltery and an instrument of ten strings will I sing praises unto thee.  
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​ Hello my friend, thank you for visiting my web-site. As you can see, it's a work in progress. My name is Bruce Moss, and I am a Christian singer/songwriter, who by the grace of GOD, is alive today to tell you about the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, through my songs and poems and through the Word of GOD, the King James Bible.

I have chosen "The Blood of the Lamb" for the site title, as it is through the blood of Christ that GOD has made available His greatest gift of life for you and me. My song "Through His Blood" magnifies this truth.

I currently have ten CDs released to date. My first CD, "To God Be The Glory" was released in 2006 and contains 15 new songs. Joining me on this project is Isabelle LaCroix, from Ottawa, Canada, and Mathew Kashila, originally from the Congo in west/central Africa, who unselfishly gave of their tremendous talent and time to make this CD possible.

​My second CD, "Father Forgive", which was released in 2007 and contains 16 new songs.

My third CD, "If I Had Eyes To See", was released in 2008, and contains 14 new songs. The title track, "If I Had Eyes To See" was written in aid of EAMO (East African Mission Orphanage) in Nakuru, Kenya, East Africa. www.eastafricanmission.org  You can email them at eam@africaonline.co.ke  It is an honour to support the tremendous work that is being done there by Ralph & May Spinks, and the many volunteers who contribute so much to this worthy cause. Every little bit helps. You can make a difference!

My fourth CD, "Take Me To Calvary" was released in 2009, and contains 14 new songs. This CD contains a song called "On Eagle's Wings", which was written in memory of the 18 passengers and crew of Cougar flight 491, which fell from the sky on March 12, 2009, off the east coast of Newfoundland & Labrador, killing all but one soul.

My fifth CD, "Come Unto The Cross", was released in 2010, and contains 12 new songs.

My sixth CD, "The Lamb Of God", was released in 2011 and contains 12 new songs.

My seventh CD, "All Hail The King",was released in 2012 and contains 12 new songs.

My eighth CD, "Let Mercy Rule The Day", was released in 2013 and contains 14 new songs.

My ninth CD, "Songs From On High", was released in 2014 and contains 12 new songs.

My tenth CD, "Never Give Up", was released in 2015 and contains 12 new songs. All ten CDs can be seen on the CD Ordering Page.

I have uploaded many of the songs in MP3 format, and the lyrics are posted with the appropriate title. The list is on the bottom of this page. Please note that some of the titles were too long for the required format, and had to be modified. The actual titles appear with the lyrics. If you are blessed by what you see and hear, please sign my guest book on the Home Page. Thanks for visiting!